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HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Services

Let Boland be your one stop shop for consulting, planning, and implementation of eGestalt's SecrureGRB SC product.   

All medical practices and their Business Associates-including doctors, dentists, chiropractors, nurses, psychologists and other professionals that handle Patient Health Informtiion( PHI)-are required to achieve and maintain security and compliance with the regulations set forth by the HIPAA and HITECH Acts. Security and compliance proof must be made available for review by auditors, and non-compliance can result in criminal penalties, fines, and even imprisonment for individual owners, employees, and Business Associates of any Covered Entity. In additiona to their own practices, Covered Entities are also responsible for their Business Associates.

To comply with HIPAA and HITECH regulations, Covered Entities and Business Associates must prove they have appropriate PHI-handling processes in use. Likewise, Covered Entities must have written agreements and proof-of-compliance documentation from all Business Associates and subcontractors with access to PHI. When conducting audits, federal officials will check to see if organizations have implemented appropriate controls and safeguards to prevent unauthorized access and disclosure of sensitive patient data.
SecureGRC SB - Advantages
• Peace of Mind
• Support for HIPAA & HITECH regulations
• Simple, menu driven assessment to understand and gain control over HIPAA/HITECH requirements
• Extensive online help, best practices and recommendations included for every regulation
• Library of free policies and procedure templates to customize and then attach as evidence
• Library of free policies and procedure templates to customize and then attach as evidence
• Tracking and managing of your Business Associates (BA's)
• Central repository for all your HIPAA related documentation
• A finished document that can be used to show compliancy to other organizations and auditors

Preparing for HIPAA Audits

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