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Starting with a desire to bring technology and efficiencies to the average office, Boland Enterprises was started. Having outgrown its first office, the business was moved to the historical Stutz building near downtown Indianapolis in the 1990’s. The unique entrepreneurial atmosphere of the rehabbed auto factory into an art and business center has allowed for the spirit and enthusiasm of Boland to grow from a start up to an over 30 year business. With the acquisition of Curran Data Technologies (CDT), Boland moved deeper into Total Data Protection.

Boland Enterprises has helped many State offices and companies with their data needs by improving operations, security, and the quality of data collected and used. The first state contract was with the Department of Natural Resources of Indiana collecting information to help administer a special hunting license. Boland has helped various states such as Indiana, Illinois, and Rhode Island along with companies ranging in size from small operations to multi-billion dollar organizations

In the late 90's we moved into the medical field helping bring effieciences into their businesses. Our success has come by focusing on helping our customers become better businesses with the use of improved processes, secured data, HIPAA compliance, and increased efficiencies. With the HIPAA law, we started working on making an effecient process to assist with compliance. A move close to the IU campus has increased our customer base and intellectial property to use of NIST Cyber Security Framework and HIPAA compliance.


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