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Managed Networking




The easy way to deliver fully-integrated, cloud-managed, high-performing secure networks for your customers.



1. Powerful Capabilities

Delivering complete network infrastructure for a one-stop-shop for networking needs.

2. Simple and Fast Deployment

Configured remotely and fully deployed in multiple sites in minutes results in reliable networks and satisfied customers.

3. Simple Administration

A single pane of glass to oversee the entire networking ecosystem and monitor, manage, and update remotely.

4. Affordable

Priced affordable with a three year warranty and 24x7x365 tech support.


What are Managed Networking Services (MNS)?

BOLAND provides services by assuming responsibility for the end-to-end viability, reliability, security, agility, and scalability of your networks. That is - we provide services to configure, deploy, manage, monitor, and troubleshoot all things network for all your networking needs. This includes hardware such as the Datto Networking Appliance, switches, and WiFi access points, as well as centralized cloud management across the entire fleet.

Why is this better than a DIY (Do-it-Yourself) approach?

While you have the ability to opt for a do-it-yourself approach by selecting hardware from a range of providers and managing the network on-site, in this case, the do-it-yourself approach to networking ends up being less efficient and less cost-effective. Integration between technologies, variable user interfaces to navigate, not to mention no single-vendor accountability are just some of the challenges realized along the DIY route. By consolidating into a single solution, clients get expert service for their network and an expedited SLA, as issues can be solved remotely. Our approach integrates the entire network and delivers an always available, always connected solution from one vendor. Enterprise-class network functionality, hardened security, and zero-touch deployment.

Networking Appliance

High-performance router and firewall with best-in-class security features such as intrusion detection and prevention and fully integrated internet failover and failback.

Networking Switches

The smart solution for reliably scaling out access points, with enhanced power management and flexible options to fit any size space and easily scale to accommodate growing connetivity needs.

Networking WiFi

Always available, accessible, and seamlessly integrated, the high-performance WiFi access points deliver enterprise-grade connectivity and self-organize into self-healing encrypted mesh networks.

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